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vineri, 22 ianuarie 2010

Top 10 fucks of all time

no 10: what the fuck was that? the mayor of hiroshima 1945

no9: where did all those fucking indians come from? general custer 1877

no 8: any fucking idiot could understand that! einstein 1938

no 7: it does so fucking look like her! picasso 1926

no 6: how the fuck did you work that out?? pythagoras 126 bc

no5: you want WHAT on the fucking ceiling?? michelangelo 1566

no4: where the fuck are we?? amelia earhart 1937

no3: aw, c'mon honey, who the fuck is going to find out? bill clinton 1997

no2: i need this parade like i need a fucking hole in the head! john f kennedy 1963

and.....drum roll.....

no1: scattered fucking showers my ass!!! noah, 4314 bc

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